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Welcome to High Earth Orbit Robotics!

HEO Robotics is a space resources company

We want to enable the scientific and commerical space missions of the future. This means supplying resources through prospecting and exploitation of the many asteroids that pass close by Earth. To do this, we're building small flexible, capable spacecraft for intercepting, extracting and transporting resources through space. We are applying our cutting-edge technology to supply energy resources to space missions about Earth. Extending both the mission life of satellites in orbit today as well as mitigating the operational risk of billion dollar missions.


Asteroid mining will enable a revolution in space exploration, however we don't know much about individual asteroids. Current approaches for asteroid mining take a year or more to reach an asteroid


Many known asteroids pass close to the Earth, which could be intercepted. With the advancement of CubeSats, launch requirements are dramatically reduced. Asteroid mining companies want to locate the “most suitable” asteroids. Which asteroid do you choose?


Have a constellation of spacecraft in High Earth Orbit ready to interecpt every asteroid that passes close to Earth. Cutting mission time and reduces the risk of mining an unsuitable asteroid. Targetting asteroids that come close to Earth also allows for a more agile aerospace approach to solving the problem as the turn around for each mission is much shorter.


Phase 1

Near Space Technologies

Design and test the technologies in Near Space and on the ground, involve student participation in Near Space experiments as well as creating unique products from our systems to sell as COTS hardware.

Phase 2

Space Tug

There is a population of aging telecommunication and weather satellites up in orbit today. They have finite lifespans but with the Space Tug we can give them a boost an extend their lifetime. The Space Tug can also be used to de-orbiting spacejunk in Low Earth Orbit in order to guarantee access to space for generations to come.

Phase 3

Asteroid Intercept Constellation

Roughly 30-40 asteroids fly-by very close to Earth every year. HEO Robotics’s Asteroid Intercept Constellation investigates the possibility of utilizing a small scaled spacecraft residing in high earth orbit to get within kms of these asteroids and capture high resolution multispectral imagery, allowing for better selection of candidates for asteroid mining.

Phase 4

Asteroid Capture and Mining

Using our Asteroid Intercept Constellation to locate the best candidate for mining a larger mining satellite is planned for capturing the asteroid and bringing it into orbit around Earth so that the resources are readily available in orbit around Earth.

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